Brushed up, bushy and natural. Thank god for the 2021 brow trend.

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Being in quarantine over the past year has been tough for everyone, don’t even get us started about the spontaneous lockdowns! As hard as it has been it also provided an opportunity for us to slow down and reevaluate a lot of things. Some of these evaluations have led us to a change in career, a new outlook on life and yep you guessed it, bushy brushed up eyebrows.

Where did the trend come from?

During the peak of the pandemic beauty salons were closed for quite some time. The first week of closure was the hardest to accept, no more fresh brows, lashes going flat and nails destroyed from the stress. Once the initial stages of anger and denial disappeared we really had no choice but to take a good hard look in the mirror and become comfortable with ourselves and our own skin. This led to quite possibly the best eyebrow trend to have ever existed.

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Bushy, Brushed up and Beautiful.

Say goodbye to the thin 2000s brow and welcome with open arms the natural bushy brow. Now, we aren’t talking about unibrows and crazy stray hairs but rather fluffy, full brows that are styled and defined by a product.

This trend of a brushed up eyebrow can be seen on some of the biggest celebrities of our time and strutted down the runway of well known fashion shows. Inevitably, it has now become a daily look for many of us and has even inspired new beauty treatments such as Brow Lamination. The key to the look is making your brows look soft and natural whilst having a subtle shape. Showing some skin through the brow can also help to achieve texture and softness. Did you ever think we’d reach a point where sparse fluffy brows were on trend?

Who does it suit?

The great thing about the fluffy brow trend is that it’s a universal look. It’s a style that is achievable for everyone and can be tailored to your personal preference and features. We understand that not everyone has naturally thick and fast growing brows, it can be a struggle to grow an identical pair. Tinted products and powders can help create a fuller effect and provide more depth of colour.

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Are there ways to make your brow grow thicker?

This trend shouldn’t just be for the people with thick, luscious brows, everyone should be able to feel comfortable and style their natural eyebrows. Meet our Eyebrow Essence, the perfect regrowth solution for over-plucked and sparse brows. Our Eyebrow Essence stimulates those dormant hair follicles and promotes virgin hair growth resulting in thicker, stronger brows. Having a natural moisturising agent, our essence helps condition and define your brows at the same time. 

Our product is super easy to use and adopt into your daily routine. Apply one (full) pump of Eyebrow Essence evenly to each brow at least once daily. Incorporate a strict AM/PM routine if you have very thin and fine brows. For the best outcome, brush for 5 minutes with an eyebrow brush to stimulate blood flow and growth. Our Eyebrow Essence also comes with a special brush to help spread the product evenly and achieve that natural, brushed up brow effect.

So, are you ready to embrace the big brows and take control of your brow growth?

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