Considering the full shave? Welcome to Barber loss syndrome

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Have YOU lost your barber during the chaos of what’s happening in the world right now? 

Has isolation sent you mad with grief and abandonment issues from your prized stylist? Don’t worry, you’re going through what we call the Barber loss syndrome – which isn’t a real syndrome (FYI), just something we made up. Because forfeiting the option to tidy up your hair can result in some traumatic memories…like when mum decided to give the bowl-technique a go.

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We’ve also seen the rise of self-do hair fades by men at home, and as much as we hate to admit that the failure makes us laugh, it’s also very interesting to see how many people value a nice haircut. But not being able to get your signature look isn’t the end of the world. What did we talk about in our last blog? More stress leads to greater hair loss and longer hot showers, and longer hot showers leads to even more hair loss. Get the picture?

It’s unfortunate that confidence is so heavily linked to our outward appearance. But who are we trying to impress by staying home all the time now? Simple. We’re trying to impress ourselves.

YES. We can’t get by without some momentary self assurance. Isolation has left us with no choice, we must watch our head of hair get out of control, or shave it all off. 

A mate of ours recently shared with us his self-proclaimed and considerably bleak options. It was either go bald, or try out the man bun. Now if we were experts in human behaviour, we’d say that people would most likely opt for shaving. But why? If we place so much emphasis on how our hair makes us look? It’s because one part says “screw this, when am I ever going to be able to do this again?”

Don’t forget that we also place emphasis on the way our hair makes us feel.

Right now, we feel helpless and out of control.

We’re not in control of the barber situation, we’re definitely not in control of our own home cutting situation, and we don’t have a job guarantee. Understandably, the only aspect we have control of is shaving our heads. Especially for men, it’s a minimal need for maintenance. You get to avoid the upkeep, and you look like every bald badass action hero…

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But what if we told you not to do that? As a hair formulation clinic, this is old news. Why would you work so hard to develop thick, luscious hair; only to lose it all? Take this time in isolation to maintain a self-care regimen. We’re never home long enough to apply that oil in our hair and let it sit, or outside activity always prevents us from leaving that expensive beard oil to soak. Self-care takes time. You have to allow yourself the opportunity to let the ingredients in the product work its magic.

Hear this: being a man and implementing self-care is not mutually exclusive. 

Don’t give us that Die Hard look, we’ll level you with the Aragorn and Legolas gaze (both maintained incredibly thick hair throughout the final battle).

So your options are clear. Just think about the best solution for you when we all come out of this. If you’ve been trying to fix a problem area for growth, or if it’s taken some time to grow out that fringe – maybe it’s ideal to consider treating your hair and allowing it to be stronger and healthier for the time being. This way, when the sanction is lifted on salons, you won’t have to explain to your barber what happened (surely, they’ll know already).

Our hair serums are easy to apply, and provide long lasting effects. A few drops and you’re on your way to a whole new solution for better hair. It’s not an apocalypse, the world isn’t coming to an end. Take the steps now to have better hair for the future. Don’t take the easy way out. It’ll be a contrast for your barber to work with. You’ll be giving them an amazing head of hair upon your return, and they’ll thank you for it.

Also, some of you don’t look good with a shaved head, and it really shows.

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