Hair care: are you doing any of it right?

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We’re going to get a little technical for this one, guys.

The blogs we’ve been putting out in the world have been a little on the not-too-serious side. Meaning you could take our advice, or not – everything in good faith and humour, something like that. We’ve talked about the history of eyebrows, barber attachment issues, and even touched on why balding happens. But today, we want to get our hands dirty. We want to get serious.

Walking you through the steps in accomplishing a great hair care regimen should be a breeze. If not, don’t worry – we’ve made this as easily digestible as possible for you short attention span folks. 

Hair care is a hot topic, especially during these times and for people in isolation. It’s because we’ve had all the accumulated hours to think hard about our mistakes, regrets, and deep-rooted fears. Nights have come bearing dreams which have left us waking up drenched in sweat over the thought of Herbal Essences and the audacity of allowing that stuff near our hair even once in our lifetime.

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So we’re bringing to you the à la carte of knowledge. You get a full run-down of our menu on display, about what you should be looking for in a shampoo, how you should be shampooing, and most importantly; the steps to take after you shampoo.

Here goes. 

First, you want to start with (yes, we know you’ve heard these words before) a pH balancing shampoo. But what you don’t get told a lot is to make sure it contains certain ingredients which help with sebum buildup and the removal of excess hair product residue. It’s totally normal for us to head out during the day, with our heads filled with product. Gels, hairsprays, you name it. What we don’t think about, is how we’re making sure it’s all removed at the end of the day. Some people. Some…who we know don’t opt for the wash after a day of products, may choose to wash their hair the day after. This is 24 hours after. Meaning the build up is extreme.

There are two things to always consider when it comes to hair care.

Removal: wash that scalp with a shampoo that contains ingredients with natural removal properties.
Stabilise: deposit a cream that will help stabilise, strengthen hair and stimulate follicles.

That’s why there are so many conditioners in the market, and if we asked you why you even need a conditioner. Would you be able to answer? Our guess is no. Because you don’t know, unless you’re in the business like us. Strange, right? For the longest time it has been told to you that it’s the usual: shampoo and conditioner. When really, it’s shampoo and a cream, and then a serum.

Think about your skincare routine. How many steps you got going for that, buddy? Exactly.

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Why are we simplifying our hair care routine then? This isn’t to say that you should forego conditioning (it can work for some people), we’re just saying that conditioners act as a very temporary solution in the hair

game. What they don’t tell you is that conditioners only coat the outside of your cuticles, rather than open them up to allow for the process of growth. They act as ‘detanglers’ because they contain so much fat. That’s why they feel SO good after a wash, but not so good the next day.

The problem associated with hair wash is that it’s only there to fulfil your act of cleaning. People think: wash hair, clean hair. Where’s the: wash hair, clean hair, promote hair growth? We must be reshaping our value propositions when it comes to hair care, just like we do for skin! It’s not JUST about cleaning, people! It’s about the renewal process, and not allowing loss to overtake growth as time goes on.

A leave-in cuticle cream is what you should be aiming for post-wash, because they contain properties that repair damaged hair and split ends. Instead of putting aside 3 minutes for that conditioner, you give up a minute to rub the cream into your hair and blow dry whilst it remains in there. Technical process: the heat from the blow dryer activates the cuticles and your scalp, opening up for absorption of the cream. This way, you’re encouraging long-term effects on your hair, rather than a temporary fix for which conditioners do the job of providing.

It’s important to us as specialists for you to yield this sword of knowledge when it comes to hair care. There’s plenty of “things” on the internet at your disposal which we’re sure you can take from, and truth be told, it’s different for everyone. Take from this what you may, but we’re essentially here for the right reasons. It takes time to perfect a regimen for yourself, but that’s with everything. You don’t knock off a few kilos overnight after one session on the treadmill. You don’t start seeing that fungal acne go away after one week of a solid skincare plan. Results are dependent on your overall wellbeing and the effort you are putting in on a day-to-day basis.

Magic as a term on its own, is defined as a trick of illusion and a showcase of impossible feats. But true magic to us, is seeing people understand the nature of what is being presented in front of them, and overcoming those barriers that may seem impossible.

Wow, this was a long one. In our next blog, we will give you the step by step process in how you can best utilise our products to promote growth. We’ve split this blog into two parts just for the sake of avoiding that heavy eye-roll coming from you. (sorry)

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding your health. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Site.


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