Please note: If you are experiencing any allergic reactions or conditions, CEASE USE IMMEDIATELY and contact a healthcare provider. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away.

For more information, ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects you may be experiencing.

We’re in touch with all natural processes in the making of our products. Our Motto is: No oral intakes, No surgery, No Electronic devices, and most importantly, No side effects. Basic methods are applied in order to utilise our nature’s extracts. This is how Esther CE garners the reputation of being 100% naturally sourced, with results being 100% organic.

We recommend that you DO NOT use other products in conjunction with Esther CE. The reason being that using multiple products at any given time can confuse the process of the formulation. If you are consulting with us regarding hair loss and balding, we heavily advise to avoid mixing up your products. We want the best possible results for you, and keeping it consistent will allow for less confusion on the formula to work its magic.

Our products contain extracts of Sophora Flavescens, widely known for its healing effects. Sophora Flavescen is known to calm and soothe certain allergies. However, if you do suffer from serious allergies, we recommend that you seek advice from a Medical practitioner. You may also contact our salon if you would like more information on our products and the ingredients that they contain.

Yes, our ingredients are ethically sourced. Our serums and hair products contain ingredients that are ethically sourced and manufactured in Japan. Within Australia, Esther CE is registered with a certification from NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) – under the Australian government’s regulatory body for industrial chemicals. All our products comply with industry standards, are safe to use, and can be distributed (sold) within Australia. 

We recommend that customers get in contact with us if they want more information on our products, or if they have any queries in relation to these industry standards.

We strongly advise that you get in touch with us or your GP if you are unsure about medication affecting the process of our Esther CE formula.

Our products are tailored for adults as the formulation is generated to induce hair growth. Since a person normally suffers from gradual thinning as they age, Esther CE is made to target this and allow for stronger and healthier hair. We advise that anyone who is under the age of 18, to seek advice from a Medical practitioner.

*Some incidents of hair loss can be a result of an underlying medical condition. In this case, we always ask that you remain aware of your situation even whilst using Esther CE. As our products are all natural, there may be occurrences that might warrant you to consult with other forms of medical practices in order to achieve the best results. 

Esther CE is made to be used on all hair types.

Yes, our products contain extracts of Sophora Flavescens, widely known for its healing effects. Sophora Flavescens is also known to calm and soothe certain allergies. 

However, if you are concerned about other areas of sensitivity, please get in contact with us to discuss usage.

Yes, our formula is not gender based, and works for both females and males. Usage and amount may differ depending on a person’s individual condition. We advise that you get in contact with us if you have any questions pertaining to other factors that may affect usage.

Prior to manufacturing and launching Esther CE, we made sure to dedicate 3 consecutive years into collecting data from our exclusive in-house clients. It was only until we were satisfied with the product’s performance, did we release our products for everyone to use. Our entire range is free of animal testing.

Esther CE will work on all types of hair, even if your hair has been bleached, dyed, or tinted. Please get in contact with us for a consultation if you are unsure, as our products do perform differently on a person-to-person basis.

Yes, Esther CE is completely safe for pregnant women. As the method of application and formulation works as an outer body process, this means none of our products will affect what is going on inside. Some of our products, like our Scalp Care Shampoo will involve areas of scalp absorption from usage. However, as our products don’t contain any harmful chemicals, this means copious long-term use will not affect anyone who is pregnant or who has other internal health conditions.

If you are still unsure, we advise that you get in contact with us to discuss any concerns/queries you may have.

The main purpose of Esther CE is to help target the stages of balding. By using our products, you are setting yourself up for prevention and stronger hair in the long-run. This is why our range is not exclusive to only people who are currently going through balding, but for those who are seeking prevention. If you have a nice set of hair, we still recommend that you use our products to develop healthier hair and reduce your chances of thinning in the future.

There is a general fee applied for consultations with Esther. However, from time-to-time we will have promotions for our followers that allow for a free consultation with us. Please make sure to follow Esther CE on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated with these promotions, along with handy tips, new products, and informational resources.