Advanced Hair Kit


Everything you need all in one package. Our Advanced Hair Kit is the worthy predecessor to prevention, but with a little dose of growth magic. If you’re losing hairs, and not getting them back – try incorporating a routine that works around this kit to begin the treatment process. Stop loss and encourage the birth of new hairs. 

Usage duration: 2 months


1x Cuticle Care Treatment (120ml).
1x Scalp Care Shampoo (140ml).
1x Hair Essence (25ml).
1x Bristle Hair Brush.

Cuticle Care Treatment

Made to repair static split-end cuticles at the base of your scalp, fostering stronger hair growth, and nourishes existing hairs.

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Scalp Care Shampoo

Made up of active ingredients like Koyamaki oil, Vitamin C and E – this shampoo is perfect for effective anti-glycation.

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Hair Essence

This is the regrowth solution for coronal hair-loss. Our signature Hair Essence halts excessive shedding and stimulates virgin hair growth by converting thin, wispy vellus hairs into thicker, stronger terminal hairs.

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Bristle Hair Brush

Our Bristle Hair Brush increases circulation and enables the Hair Essence to penetrate hair follicles more thoroughly.

Time to brush those hairs

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hair boost.

It’s excessive, and you’re seeking a solution that hones in on just the growth of new hairs. It’s your primary focus. Look no further: this really is it. Double up on our extracts heavy essence if you’re tackling a high loss severity situation.

brow boost.

Eyebrows shape your face. Reinvigorate those strands above your eyes, but keep it consistent. This is the ideal pack for avid users seeking day-to-day application.

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