Bristle Hair Brush


Stimulate your scalp to increase circulation and encourage hair growth with the bristle hair brush. Crafted as a comb that folds into a Brush, the bristles are protected from being damaged, whilst fitting easily into pockets. Remember to wash your brush periodically to freshen up its bristles.Our Bristle Hair Brush increases circulation and enables the Hair Essence to penetrate hair follicles more thoroughly.

is it important to brush your hair?

Think of your scalp as a garden, your hairs as the seedlings that you hope to grow, and the bristle brush as a rake. What’s the first step to planting your seeds and nurturing growth? The soil must be well-raked prior to planting in order to stimulate proper root growth and provide the essential early feed to get the lawn (hairs) off to a good start.

how to use it?

Gently brush through from the front to the back of the head, landing on scalp level. Try to incorporate brushing in your morning and night routine. A wakeup, refresher brush-up and a pre-slumber comb through will keep your hairs happy and thriving.

better together.

Just like shampoo and conditioner, some things are meant to be together. Esther CE’s products are made to work best together, giving you the best possible results.

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