brow boost


Nobody wants hairless brows. With all the excessive plucking, pulling, waxing – how much can your brow hairs take from all that stress. Shape them however you want, but foster growth with our formulated Eyebrow Essences; but in a package. On a treatment plan to tackle that one particular sparse area on your brow? Get a brow boost.  

Usage duration: 4 months


2x Eyebrow Essence (10ml).

Eyebrow Essence

Stimulates those dormant hair follicles and promotes virgin hair growth resulting in thicker, stronger brows.

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Stopping loss is just as important as growing your hairs back. Sometimes we don’t have to be losing hair to start somewhere. The idea is to start early so you don’t lose those hairs.

hair boost.

It’s excessive, and you’re seeking a solution that hones in on just the growth of new hairs. It’s your primary focus. Look no further: this really is it. Double up on our extracts heavy essence if you’re tackling a high loss severity situation.

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