Early Prevention Pack


Thinking smart and starting early? We’re all for it. The early bird always gets the worm. Early prevention means less to worry about…because you’ve already prevented it. When something is good, you’ll need to tighten your grip on it to make sure it doesn’t slip away – nothing lasts forever. Build on those existing hairs of yours and get on the path of early prevention with our Early Prevention Pack.

Usage duration: 2 months

1x Cuticle Care Treatment (120ml).
1x Scalp Care Shampoo (140ml).

Cuticle Care Treatment

Made to repair static split-end cuticles at the base of your scalp, fostering stronger hair growth, and nourishes existing hairs.

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Scalp Care Shampoo

Made up of active ingredients like Koyamaki oil, Vitamin C and E – this shampoo is perfect for effective anti-glycation.

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