Eyebrow Essence


The original regrowth solution for over-plucked and sparse brows. Our Eyebrow Essence stimulates those dormant hair follicles and promotes virgin hair growth resulting in thicker, stronger brows. A natural moisturising agent as well, our essence helps condition and define your brows at the same time.

what's inside?

All it takes is the correct balance of ingredients that will help neutralise and prevent the excess shedding of original hairs, and maintain existing ones. Meanwhile, aiding the process in which new hairs can form until affected areas are once again, back to a stable growth phase.

Sophora Root Extract

Contains outstanding hair growth-promoting effect & possesses inhibitory effect on steroid enzymes found in hair follicles – pivotal in transforming weak androgen.

Japonica Leaf Extract

A derivative of provitamin B5 (precursor of Vitamin B5), stimulates hair follicles & promotes strong hair growth.

Ginseng Root Extract

Promotes proliferation and contains a wide variety of bioactive constituents – active ginsenosides, which are accredited with hair-growth potential.

why are eyebrows such a big deal?

Eyebrows have always been the thing – how they’re supposed to look is just dependent on what the latest trend is during the period. Thick, bushy brows is all the rave right now. How to get them thick and bushy is the real question…

THOUGHT: Are you changing the look over the years?

how to use it?

Make sure to apply one (full) pump of Eyebrow Essence evenly to each brows at least once daily. We recommend incorporating a strict AM/PM routine if you have very thin and fine brows. For the best outcome, brush for 5 minutes with an eyebrow brush to stimulate blood flow and growth.

On average, our Eyebrow Essence should last an individual for up to 2 months if applied correctly. None of our formulated growth essences should be used for up to 6 months. This is an indicator that the right amount isn’t being used during the treatment process.

Essences being used after 6 months will not produce expected results.

better together.

Just like shampoo and conditioner, some things are meant to be together. Esther CE’s products are made to work best together, giving you the best possible results.

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