Scalp Care Shampoo


Did you know that glycation of the scalp can aggravate symptoms of hair loss? A pH balancing anti-glycation formula will help remove sebum buildup and hair product residue,  enabling natural hair regrowth. Our Scalp Care Shampoo does just that. Made up of active ingredients like Koyamaki oil, Vitamin C and E – this shampoo is perfect for effective anti-glycation. pH balancing formulas shouldn’t be stripping you of your natural hair oils. Instead, it should be creating a harmonious balance that eradicates leftover residue and build up from hair products – whilst keeping your scalp healthy.

what's inside?

All it takes is the correct balance of ingredients that will help neutralise and prevent the excess shedding of original hairs, and maintain existing ones. Meanwhile, aiding the process in which new hairs can form until affected areas are once again, back to a stable growth phase.

Koyamaki Oil

Contains strong antibacterial properties, self-build anti-oxidation effects & pre-ageing care that makes it harder for hair to rust.

Malabar Kino

Contains strong anti-glycation capabilities to prevent loss & breakage through anti-glycation control.

why should you balance those pH levels?

Having a shampoo that balances the pH levels on your scalp is conducive to how well the rest of your treatment process goes. After all the styling, heat damage and product buildup in your hair, there needs to be a formula that will help remove the excess sebum without stripping away your natural oils. Not to mention, steering clear from chemically intense methods. 

THOUGHT: Are you balancing those pH levels?

how to use it?

Massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly. Amount varies depending on hair volume and severity of loss.

The Scalp Care Shampoo should last 6 – 8 weeks months if used regularly.

better together.

Just like shampoo and conditioner, some things are meant to be together. Esther CE’s products are made to work best together, giving you the best possible results.

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